Frequently Asked Questions

Champions of customer service, having that special sauce, and actually caring about our customer needs, that is what eDirectGlass is all about!

Yes. eDirectGlass will work on any device including mobile phones, tablets, Apple devices, and even a Tesla. Just open your favorite browser and got to the link provided when you sign up!

Yes. eDirectGlass believes you should have the tools necessary to work efficiently and profitably! There are no compromises with eDirectGlass!

No. eDirectGlass does not support concurrent user access. If you attempt to login using the same credentials already in use on another device, it will ask you if you want to end the other session. You can move from device to device using the same credentials but if you need multiple users to login at the same time, you must have a license for each one.

Yes. The version to support multi-shop, multi-location management is the Premium Plus edition. If you are a medium to large multi-location company, eDirectGlass is a perfect fit for all of your consolidate shop needs.


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